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Master in Fashion Management

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Kомментарии к Master in Fashion Management - Очная - Мадрид - Испания

  • Описание программы
    Master in Fashion Management

    • Type of course : Blended Master
    • Language : English
    • School: Fashion
    • IED Credits: 60
    • Duration: 9 months
    • Timetable : Morning-Afternoon On-site module: Mon to Fri, from 9:30 to 13.30 and from 15:00 to 18:00h
    • Attendance: blended
    • Qualification: Private / A private certificate will be issued at the end of the course.
    • Directed to : graduates or those with a diploma in the field of Fashion, Marketing, Management and Product Management. Professional experience will be valued.
    • Admission process : CV / Motivation Letter / Portfolio (max 3Mb) / Web / Personal interview as deemed necessary by the Academic Coordination Team

    Commercial management and strategy for fashion products, from the development to the production and distribution.

    • Due to the frantic speed with which fashion articles are launched nowadays, and faced with consumers who are more and more demanding, it is of prime importance that products reach the final consumer exactly as they were presented, without defects, at a suitable price and in the stipulated time.
    • On the other hand, factors like the consolidation of new technologies, real time, the development of new markets and production decentralization, force the textile sector to be constantly seeking solutions and improvements with which they can innovate and succeed.
    • Starting from this premise, the master was created to train professionals in the sphere of development, management and distribution of the fashion product in its widest sense, and from an international perspective.


    • Acquiring global knowledge about the complex world of fashion and how its market works
    • Knowing about the life process of the fashion product, from its design, to production and sale
    • Understanding the important part played by marketing and brand management in fashion
    • Acquiring the necessary tools to be able to apply profitability and efficiency criteria
    • Acquiring the industry’s key negotiation and management skills
    • Understanding the role of the commercial department and the different distribution and sales channels
    • Understanding the management of a physical and online store
    • Acquiring the tools necessary to be able to become a future entrepreneur
    • Knowing the cosmetics industry as a fundamental part of the fashion business

    Professional Opportunities

    • Product Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Distribution Manager
    • Buyer
    • Merchandiser
    • Retail Manager
    • Trade Marketing
    • Key Account Manager
    • Consultor

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