Our Faculty.

All our courses are led by highly experienced market professionals, who impart invaluable and practical insights into the worlds of business and finance to our students.

A high number of our faculty members have Doctorate degrees in their area of specialization, in addition to a minimum of 10 years professional experience. You can find the list of professors for the current semester below.

12 Commitments.

On an annual basis, each institutional services and programs are assessed using Direct and
Indirect Measures. The various measures are meticulously chosen and implemented. The 12
Commitments, presented as 3 pillars, stem from the GBS Mission. The entire quality assurance cycle allows GBS to “close the loop” by prioritizing and assessing all its primary commitments.
These Commitments, chosen and agreed upon by the GBS Executive Committee, are used as a
means of measuring academic excellence over a predetermined period..

Образовательные программы центра

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