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Created with a strong commitment to being one of the international top Business Schools, Deusto Business School, part of the centenary University of Deusto, aspires to be a true centre of excellence. Its solid reputation and vision of the future is shared by thousands of the school’s alumni - business executives and thought leaders - who studied there since ‘La Comercial’ was founded in 1916. As Deusto adapts to the changing times, the School advances its mission to provide Business Education to Serve the World.

Deusto has a wide and diverse network of over 70,000 alumni in more than 30 countries. Its influence on the Spanish business world is a barometer of its success - Deusto alumni occupy senior executive positions in 20% of the IBEX 35 companies.

The School´s development is closely monitored and supported by its Board of Directors. The Board is made up of leading business professionals who represent key global companies. Moreover, the School´s reputation is enhanced by having strong links with the corporate sector: DBS forms part of a close network of successful, mainly international companies that support its commitment to excellence through knowledge sharing and mentoring with participants enrolled on the programs.

After over 100 years dedicated to serving business and the Spanish economy, Deusto has embarked on a new project: to become an international reference for postgraduate, executive and senior management education by building a learning community that extends throughout the world.

Deusto Business School has embarked on its international development at a crucial moment in business education – when the renovation of business education is widely demanded both by corporations and society. All that we offer and do at Deusto Business School (strategy, facilities, teaching and research) is motivated by three key dimensions in business education:

•    Sustainability: a clear vision that success in business is best achieved by serving society through the company´s social, environmental and governance impacts, highlighting the importance of social inclusion, innovation and sustainability, and maintaining an on-going commitment to build a more responsible global business climate.

•    Digital and Networked Strategy: achieving a high level of competence in state-of-the-art digital business platforms, as well as digital strategy implementation and the ability to meet the challenges of internet business.

•    Innovation and Entrepreneurship: understanding entrepreneurship within a broad context; designing models of innovation from a global point of view; developing creative mindsets, intrapreneurial behavior and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Deusto Business School has assumed four key commitments to its students: development of four distinctive features that characterise our strategy and run transversally through our programmes.

- An international vision, so that our graduates can successfully exercise their leadership and professional skills in today's global world of business.

- Digital strategy, enabling our students to become familiar not only with today's digital business platforms but also with their future development.

- Innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking, equipping our graduates to approach their careers with an enterprising, innovative, critical and creative mindframe, which is vital on today's uncertain business scene.

- Sustainability, so that our graduates are capable of producing value added for the firm from the operative and financial perspectives, while also being prepared to create value through the firm's social and environmental impact.

This is the approach Deusto uses to form innovative, creative, enterprising business leaders who are fully prepared to generate value for their firms and society. These professionals are knowledgeable about the digital context of business and committed to working for a fair sustainable world economy.

With this mission foremost in our minds, Deusto Business School is embarking on its development at an inflection point in executive education, following the world financial crisis that has questioned the short term model of growth for business and the prevailing model of the classic manager.

International Approach: On this new scenario, Deusto Business School aims to stand out as an advanced institution on the international level. We focus on forming leaders who are fully prepared for the new conditions required to create value through dialogue with all the interest groups affected by the business. These professionals are capable of managing any financial, social or environmental issues that may arise in sucessful firms in the twenty first century. This approach is the guideline for all of the programmes offered by our school.


Deusto Business School continues to consolidate its commitment to the century old University of Deusto: form all round professionals who are sensitive to the needs of people, socially responsible and whose human quality is a distinctive feature of their management style.

Run by the Society of Jesus, the University of Deusto opened its doors in 1886, making it the first centre for higher education in the Basque Country. During these 120 years since it was founded, Deusto  has become an emblematic presence in the two cities where its campuses are located:Bilbao and San Sebastian. Deusto has been a pioneer institution in the field of Business Administration, forming leaders at its two faculties: La Comercial, at the Bilbao campus since 1916 and ESTE at the San Sebastian Campus, created in 1956.

The Board of Directors comprises majors leaders from the economic and business world. The board runs, advises and defines the strategy of the Deusto Business School.


In Bilbao:

Deusto Business School will begin operations on the fourth floor of the new building designed by Rafael Moneo to house the University of Deusto's Learning and Research Resource Centre (LRRC) in Abandoibarra.

    - 6 classrooms with a U-shaped layout to encourage group work.
    - Seminar rooms and 10 additional rooms for group work, as well as offices for teachers.
    - Parking space.
    - Conference and videoconference rooms.
    - Cafe and canteen.

The historical La Commercial building on the Bilbao campus underwent major renovation, divided into:

    - 4 level lecture halls.
    - 4 amphitheatre-type lecture halls.
    - 16 group-work rooms with capacity for 100 people.
    - Office areas.

'Faculty club', a place where participants can build closer relations.

In San Sebastian:

In July 2008, work also began at the San Sebastian Campus. In September 2009, a new three-storey building will be opened:

    - 2 modern amphitheatre-type lecture halls.
    - 5 level lecture halls.
    - 5 meeting and teamwork rooms for exclusive use of DBS participants, lecturers and staff.
    - Service area and car-park.
Maqueta San Sebastián

Next to the centre, a 'business accelerator' will host an elite group of innovative businesspeople comprising former students and collaborating companies.

History of courses from Deusto Business School:

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