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InterActive partners with top universities and business schools to offer online degree and professional development programmes to students around the world. We provide recognised professional qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and executive education courses, 100% online. InterActive is passionate about giving our students the best online education experience possible. Our courses offer the flexibility to study at the time, pace, and location of your choice and, with our innovative teaching methods, you will be able to process and understand complex ideas in short amounts of time. We also provide real-world case studies and regularly update our course content to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Our Support Team are on hand to provide assistance with all aspects of online study and guide you through the learning process- you will experience complete control over your study experience.

When is a good time to change career?

It’s likely you’ve felt like quitting at times, only to find a week later you love your career more than ever. The choice between ‘soldiering on’ and starting all over again is a difficult one to make. However, there are a few concrete characteristics we recommend having in place, and if these are not met, maybe moving on to a new career could save you years of painful dissatisfaction.

History of courses from Interactive Pro:

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