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Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy

Обратиться непосредственно в учебный центр IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

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Kомментарии к Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy - Очная - Барселона - Испания

  • Описание программы
    Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy.

    • Edition: 5th
    • Language: English
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 18.30 to 22.40
    • Credits: 30*


    The Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy focuses on the design and innovation methodologies for the identification of new business opportunities to create tangible value solutions.

    Global trends such as technological changes, population growth, demographic change, resource scarcity and climate change pose significant challenges for companies worldwide. A strategy based on innovation is a way, if not the only one, to achieve sustainable economic growth in the long term. Design is one of the key business tools that can promote, foster and facilitate innovation.

    Design can help transform organisations, from influencing their business model to identifying new opportunities. Design & innovation methodologies can be applied from conception to development of new products and services, to its communication and/or customers’ relationships.

    Design as a tool for innovation, integrated into the overall business strategy can become a key asset in the development of sustainable business models over time.This requires having professionals trained in specific skills, able to manage the design / innovation process, understood as a strategic business tool.

    In collaboration with renowned companies, the course is oriented to apply the tools and knowledge in real environments and real challenges.


    The course aims to provide the knowledge for the understanding and use of design as a strategic tool to articulate and promote innovation. It seeks to train professionals to lead the management of complex processes of design and undertake new challenges, in order to exploit opportunities applying knowledge and methodologies to foster innovation:

     . Equip the participants with the set of skills to promote, develop and manage innovation through design, either on a project or within an organization.

     . Provide the knowledge and methodological tools to allow developing and managing innovative projects, from creating new products and services to create new business models or redefining processes, always from the perspective of “design thinking”.

     . Understanding the design methodologies and processes that allow bringing ideas into practice.

    From a critical approach, the course will provide the skills to be able to challenge the established procedures identify opportunities, implement innovative strategies through creativity and design, integrating all the knowledge involved in the innovation process.


    IED Barcelona Intensive Postgraduates propose a dynamic methodology in which the course serves as a laboratory for analysis & exchange of information and discussion of cases. Participants will have the opportunity to share experiences with the speakers, in a climate of close dialogue that serves as a meeting point of their current knowledge and future career aspirations.

    The course will have a practical “hands on” approach, combined with master classes and conferences. The students will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with the professors in a close collaboration environment. The classes are expected to become active workshops with a “learning by doing” approach integrated with the theoretical content provided by the professors.

    The curriculum will be implemented in a dynamic environment, combining different types of classes to enable professional enrichment:.

    . Presentations in which a prestigious professional exposes topics that are then analyzed based on case studies.

    . Sessions of debate and analysis to discuss on various working models, methodologies, tools, and applications.

    . Technical classes on tools and resources delivered by prestigious industry professionals.

    As an application of the new knowledge acquired during the course, students will conduct two research projects that include the stages of analysis, development, implementation plan and presentation of results.

    Project 1 will be developed in groups, in order to experience and analyze the potential benefits of dynamic work in a multidisciplinary team. It is oriented as a preparation/experimentation for the second one.

    Project 2 is also developed in groups, will be the main project of the course. The objective is to apply and implement all the methodologies and knowledge learned during the course, working on real challenges defined by the collaborating companies.

    Student Profile

    . Grade/degree in any Design discipline, engineers, architects, marketing, communication and businesses professionals.

     . Communication and marketing specialists,

    . Professionals dedicated to the world of business and strategic planning

    . Entrepreneurs and industrialists from different sectors seeking to question their own value creation processes and to find techniques and methodologies to rethink their approach to business

    . Other professionals with proven experience in the field of design, innovation or marketing

    Job Opportunities

    Participants will have the skills to work in companies and organizations in several fields performing some of the following functions:

    . Coordinate and develop processes for design innovation and its implementation as a strategic tool

    . Identification of business opportunities through the methodologies learned

    . Strategic vision for the conceptualization and development of new products and services

    . Management and promotion of creative culture within the company

    . Have the skills and vision for working in multidisciplinary teams.

    Find your future in Barcelona.

    The European Institute of Design opened its headquarters in the city of Barcelona in 2002 and is currently one of the reference centers in design training with outstanding national and international recognition. The IED Barcelona Higher School of Design is the most international and multicultural education center in Spain, 65% of the students are foreigners and 36% of the courses are taught in English. It offers formation of Official Superior Degrees in Design, Bachelor of Arts (Honors) granted by the University of Westminster, IED Diplomas, Masters, Postgraduate Programs, Continuing Education Programs and Summer Courses, in the areas of Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Administration for the creative industries.

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